What I do…

“As a Learning Experience Designer, my job is to ask questions, listen, and be a tenacious advocate for the needs of the learner.”

Why I do it…

I am energized by authentically engaging in thought provoking conversations in which individuals feel empowered to share their unique thoughts and feelings, so that ultimately we are inspired to try to see & feel from different perspectives. It may take each of us a while to get out of our own heads long enough to truly hear others that are speaking from a perspective to which we can’t initially relate. However, when we do breakthrough the noise in our own heads, what we hear can be transformative.

How I do it…

In order to design solutions that meet the needs of diverse learners, I address the following challenges daily:

  • Determine the right questions to ask to clarify the learning requirements
  • Determine the right people to ask the questions
  • Figure out, who really cares about the answer(s) to the questions (and why they care) to ensure their needs drive design and development
  • Translate answers received from various stakeholders into a cohesive narrative that addresses identified and prioritized learning needs
  • Co-create continually evolving prototypes for a variety of teaching & learning resources designed to facilitate classroom and self-directed learning experiences

Recent Learning Design Projects

Exploration in Design Thinking