Learner persona
“As a business transformation consultant, I need easy access to customizable tools and resources to optimize collaboration between clients and cross-functional teams throughout an engagement life cycle.”

Learning experiences

Project type: High Performing Teams

The learning experience(s) are designed to offer engagement project team members opportunities to re-imagine their way of building client relationships and delivering exceptional client service throughout an engagement life cycle. Course participants have opportunities to see typical challenges from the outside looking in and hear stories from colleagues explaining how they effectively utilized tools, resources, processes, and frameworks to address similar challenges to improve communication (purposefully making room for diversity of thought to be expressed), resulting in increased productivity and innovation within cross functional teams. 

Learning resources

  • virtual class facilitator presentation deck
  • 3 scenario videos based on original scripts
  • talking head video based on scripted interview questions
  • participant resource guide

What went well

  • Despite the Subject Matter Resources (SMRs) being extremely busy, they were highly engaged during design sessions. Each session was productive and challenged the entire team to imagine the interactions required to communicate key concepts and model behaviors.
  • Iterative development of learning resources began as soon as they were identified and evolved as the design evolved.
  • Project team members, voluntarily took on tasks as needed, regardless of their role

Improvement Opportunities

  • Due to the size of the audience, the delivery format was webinar which limited opportunities for participants to interact with each other.
  • A different delivery platform could allow for greater interaction between participants. More in-depth research of the needs of unique segments within the target audience would have allowed us to more closely align objectives to learner needs to create relevant interactive experiences.

Project Team

  • Primary Subject Matter Resource (SMR)
  • SMR dedicated to scenario script development
  • Content reviewer(s)
  • Learning project specialist
  • Learning designer
  • Development project manager & development support team

My Role

  • Project duration: 10/21 – 12/21
  • Conducted design sessions with Subject Matter Resources to clarify goals, objectives, key concepts, and instructional strategies
  • Drafted content for initial prototypes for facilitator and participant resources
  • In collaboration with SMRs and development team continuously revised subsequent iterations of learning resources throughout design and development
  • Communicated the evolving vision of the learning experience(s) and status updates to various stakeholders throughout the process.

Lessons Learned

Due to a short turn-around time from content and learner analysis to implementation of the course, the course demanded an agile design and development process. The team was forced to iterate all deliverables required to support the learning experience at an accelerated pace. The effectiveness of the rapid development process for this project, will definitely help to inform my thoughts on the amount of time I recommend for content and learner analysis for projects with similar goals, objectives, and desired learning outcomes.