Be careful what you click on

The beauty of social media has always been that it amplifies formerly unheard voices, using words in a way you may never have heard before.

The danger of social media is that with every click, the voices become less & less diverse, in the name of artificial intelligence or machine learning providing us a service. However, if you value diversity of thought, this may not be serving you well.

Those who value diversity, don’t just seek to surround themselves with people & ideas that echo what they already believe to be true. That is not an environment that encourages innovative thought.

If you agree with every voice that shows up on your social media feeds, it may be time to clean house.

Life as an intrapreneur

I literally grew up crawling around the floor of a family business, looking up to my mom, my grandmother, and a lot of friends – aka customers. The experience deeply ingrained an entrepreneurial spirit within me.

Today, I think of myself as an intrapreneur. In the Chief Learning Officer article, Does your company value intrapreneurship, Andy Perkins describes an intrapreneur as ‘a house-trained wolf with the optimism, creativity and agility of an entrepreneur – yet can be managed.’

Intrapreneurship is less risky than entrepreneurship and as a single mom, I’ve always had to manage risk. Managing your work and your professional development with an entrepreneurial mindset, helps you to make it a priority to be clear about:

• the products & services you provide
• the value of those products & services
• the characteristics of the customer that you are able to provide the most value to

As an intrapreneur, never lose sight of your value & do whatever it takes to increase it.

The number one reason to choose a career as an instructional designer

Design is a way of life…

All day, every day, we either purposefully design our environments, or unconsciously fall into someone else’s design.

We put on our favorite outfits to feel strong, capable, and in control or choose something very different to show a softer side that is open to being cared for.

We read inspirational articles & books, that give us the words to help us express our inner most thoughts.

We listen to music, that becomes the soundtrack for the episodes of our lives.

We design our homes & workspaces so that we are surrounded by our favorite colors, textures & smells.

We surround ourselves with family, friends, co-workers, and mentors that bring out the good, the bad, and the ugly that lies in all of us.

The #1 reason to become a learning designer, is recognizing that you possess an innate desire to design experiences that help people tap into the ‘designer’ or ‘creative energy’ that often lies dormant within them.