Thriving during Organizational Change

Organizational change encompasses a variety of interactions: new ways of collaborating with colleagues, adoption of new technology systems, modification of job descriptions, introduction of new products or services, as well as expansion to new markets. Your personal experience of organizational change can range from: frightening, exciting, overwhelming, and inspiring. Initially, you may feel helpless and convinced that your voice is not important, but that simply is not true.
Your personal experience of a change is what matters most in organizational change. You may have had very little to do with the decision to make the change, but the decision you make about your role in the change is critical, for both you and the organization. Whether you make a conscious or unconscious decision, you contribute to the success or failure of change.¬†We’ve all heard: “it’s not personal, it’s business.” If business is not personal, I don’t know what is!

One thought on “Thriving during Organizational Change

  1. Everyone is affected by the accelerated pace of change that has taken place over the last decade. Some people will merely survive the winds of change, often struggling every step of the way. Others will thrive on change, seizing every opportunity to learn, grow and improve their lives. This program is designed to help supervisors, managers and employees learn the secrets of thriving during change and ensuring a strong and successful future for your organization.

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