Empower learners to take control of their learning

Advice to my younger self…

In college, I came across more than a few ‘weed out courses.’ One in particular was a Calculus course that I struggled to get through – twice.

The struggle was real and it did a lot to weaken my self-confidence.

When I encountered the next ‘weed out course’, I just surrendered & changed my career path.

I wish, all the freely distributed digital learning resources available now, had been available when I came across those ‘weed out courses’ years ago.

I would have searched until I found a document, a video, or an online course to help me fill in the holes in my understanding.

I might be a Physiological Psychologist researching the effects of food & environment on behavior today, if I hadn’t concluded that it just wasn’t for me, because I struggled in Calculus & Statistics.

As a learning designer, my goal is always to empower people to take ownership of their learning. Organizations and schools specify standards, but we have many different options for how we meet those standards.

Here is my advice to my younger self: “You will encounter a lot of ‘weed out courses and experiences’ on the path to doing what you want to do & getting the things you want. Don’t get stuck in the weeds.”

The number one reason to choose a career as an instructional designer

Design is a way of life…

All day, every day, we either purposefully design our environments, or unconsciously fall into someone else’s design.

We put on our favorite outfits to feel strong, capable, and in control or choose something very different to show a softer side that is open to being cared for.

We read inspirational articles & books, that give us the words to help us express our inner most thoughts.

We listen to music, that becomes the soundtrack for the episodes of our lives.

We design our homes & workspaces so that we are surrounded by our favorite colors, textures & smells.

We surround ourselves with family, friends, co-workers, and mentors that bring out the good, the bad, and the ugly that lies in all of us.

The #1 reason to become a learning designer, is recognizing that you possess an innate desire to design experiences that help people tap into the ‘designer’ or ‘creative energy’ that often lies dormant within them.