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Technology Resource Center Update (3/30 – 4/6)

Putting my technology resource center analysis together has been much like completing a puzzle. I started off in 1 room, the instructional design lab, interviewing 1 man, the instructional technology specialist. Ultimately the impact was so far reaching that I found myself in faculty & staff offices, as well as classrooms trying to get a snapshot view of […]

Technology Resource Center Update (3/25-3/30)

My technology resource center analysis is finally shaping up! The information that I am using to base my assessment necessarily had to come from multiple sources: face to face interviews (with people working in multiple roles in the organization), research to find any existing planning documents, and information posted on the organization’s website. Consequently, I’ve been […]

Technology Resource Center Update (3/5 – 3/19)

The most challenging thing about the practicum experience is how often you have to switch perspectives. When I am working on my workshop it is from a much more focused perspective than when I am trying to evaluate the effectiveness of a technology resource center. Just thinking about the variety of issues technology specialists have to address daily can be somewhat […]