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Practicum in Instructional Technology (2/13-2/17)

The  performance requirements for Georgia Southern’s practicum in instructional technology are basically centered around 2 roles that are key to the effective implementation of instructional technology: the technology specialist and the technology program administrator. This week, to get a better understanding of the technology specialist role, I visited the instructional design lab at Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkston GA. I interviewed […]

Professional Portfolio Update 2/6/12

A professional portfolio is a key assessment for GA Southern University’s M.ED. Instructional Technology Program. The link to my portfolio had to be submitted today so I’ve spent about 30 minutes each day this past week fine tuning the content. I’ve tried to include comments which would allow anyone reviewing the portfolio to get a clear […]

Technology Program Administrator – weekly status update

I am in the process of reviewing an extensive information technology strategic plan for a community college. The scope of the plan is widespread encompassing academic, administrative, and operational components. I spend about 30 minutes a day reviewing the document (taking notes/highlighting main ideas) to basically wrap my mind around all that is required to develop […]

Technology Specialist – weekly status update

At this point, I am spending approximately 2 hours a day (non-consecutive time)  crystallizing my thoughts on the staff development workshop and documenting my instructional plan. Like a puzzle, it is all coming together. Preparing instructional strategies directed toward the adult learner has been somewhat challenging because my previous practical experience involved developing lesson plans […]

Understanding by Design

Please visit my Understanding By Design webpages to gain a greater understanding of how the UBD design model can be used to create comprehensive study units. The principle purpose of these pages is to establish a forum for the collaborative development of middle school science units. The unit currently under development is for 6th grade Earth Science students studying the Theory of Plate Tectonics. Join […]

Getting Started!

As a student of instructional technology, I evaluate a variety of tools that claim to be user friendly and allow quick and easy setup. WordPress is not only the platform for my blog but also one of many tools being evaluated for educational purposes. I tend to learn technology best by “experimentation” and googling for […]